Marina Garassino

Current Role

Marina Garassino is currently a professor of medicine at the University of Chicago, USA. She is also part of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Council.

Clinical focus and interest:

As a medical oncologist, Professor Garassino has focused her research on precision medicine and immuno-oncology. She is interested in the development of new drugs, therapeutic strategies, and biomarkers.


Professor Garassino graduated in medicine and surgery (110/110 cum laude) from the University of Milan, Italy, in 1995 and contunied her training with a clinical internship from 1998 to 2000 in pediatric oncology at the Instituto Nazionale dei Tumori. Until recently, she was the chief of the Medical Thoracic Oncology Unit at the National Cancer Institute of Milan, Italy. She is the chair of TYME (ThYmic MalignanciEs), an Italian network for the research of thymic malignancies. Professor Garassino has contributed to over 200 peer-reviewed publications in journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet Oncology, Journal of Clinical Oncology, and Annals of Oncology.


Professor Garassino was an ESMO National Representative for Italy for 5 years (2011–2017), serves as part of the ESMO Council as the chair of the National Societies Committee, and is a member of several ESMO committees and is also a founder and honorary president of Women for Oncology, Italy.